Tips for creating quality content

Tips for creating quality content

The latest algorithm updates implemented by Google have had a dramatic effect on a lot of companies websites, this effect has mainly been negative and in part as a direct result of a specific element of the metrics within Panda and Penguin and this is the quality of your content. This is now such an important factor that every website owner needs to take the content of their site very seriously, and do what ever they can to improve it. Often this means a full and complete overhaul of the textual content, along with meta tags and keyword usage, in other cases the impacts have not been so significant mainly due to the fact their original content is of a sufficient quality that these Google updates have not penalised them yet!

Remember this is the just the start of a regular series of updates that Google plan to roll out in an attempt to provide its search engine users with quality and more accurate search results. If you have been lucky enough not to be affected yet, then that doesn’t mean that subsequent updates won’t impact you negatively in the future.

Now is the time to future proof your website and consider the three main ways you can do that with your web content.

  1. Ensure you have relevant content on your website. This is content that is specific to your product or service offering, containing details relating to the issues of your website and nothing else. For example, if your website is about Solid Wood Kitchen Worktops, then your content needs to reflect that and associated materials, not have content that relates to car parts or photography.
  1. Quality content is key, so make sure that if you don’t have the skills in house to write cohesive copy, that you employ someone to do this on your behalf. Mozit has great copywriting skills and we can do this for you, so take advantage of this expertise as this will no doubt enhance your content and help your rankings.
  1. Never plagiarise content from other website, always write your content from scratch. Not only is it infringing copyright laws but it is heavily detrimental to how Google will view your content. Whether its descriptions of your services and products, or articles for a Newsfeed or Blog Page, always write unique, quality content, limiting the key word and key phrase usage.

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