Mozit offer Google Advertising Vouchers worth up to £150

As a Google Partner Mozit has access to Google Advertising vouchers for Pay Per Click (PPC) vouchers from £75 to £150 Google matching your first initial spend in one month.

It is important to note that the voucher must be created on a new Google Account and a Credit Card not used previously for Google Advertising.

Mozit can setup your Google Advertising campaign, analyse your website, define and research the right keywords to use at a cost of £200.00 + VAT

The process involved in getting started is:

1. 1hr On-Site meeting discussing your website, objectives and keywords

2. Create a new Google PPC campaign with the correct keywords and parameters i.e budget, frequency etc.

3. Start the Campaign (I prefer the start of a month as it is easier to monitor the performance & success)

4. Evaluate the campaign over a two month period decide on an out come from there

On agreement £200 + VAT will need to paid to Mozit before the campaign starts also your agreed Google Ad spend for 1 month that Google will match in the next month.

Many clients report a good increase in site visits and enquiries the benefit of Google PPC is it guarantees targeted traffic to your website for keywords that your clients are typing into Google.

To take advantage of these promotional vouchers and to start your Google Advertising contact Mozit today on 03333 440644 or email