How important are keywords to your website

As Google and other search engines develop more and more sophisticated algorithms, it becomes more and more important to ensure that the content on your website is appropriate, well written and unique.

Knowing your business critical keywords and phrases is crucial to gaining valuable rankings, so you need to make sure that you undertake research through Google Analytics, ensuring you research your most successful competitors to see what key words and phrases they focus on and where and how they are building their links.

A common mistake that a lot of people are continuing to do is just to focus on their homepage, literally opting just to focus their keywords, appropriate and unique text on this one page and choosing to ignore or overlook the rest of their site. Assuming that you receive the most traffic via your homepage is a false assumption and can be costly to the successfulness of your entire SEO campaign.

Take some time to scrutinise the traffic your site generates. Look at the most accessed pages, navigation around your site and also the amount of time visitors are spending on each page. This holds so much valuable information and will determine the order of which you should focus your attentions. Things to bare in mind though is that your services or products pages will generally be the things picked up via a search, therefore when the visitor clicks that link it will by pass your homepage and take them straight to the product or service they have searched on. If the content on those pages is inappropriate, poorly written or formatted or generally lacking, the visitor will immediately click away back to the search results.

When researching and forming your strategic objectives and business critical key words and phrases you need to firstly consider whether your keywords are specifically for a local or regional market, or international? Then comes the language you are targeting your search in. In most cases this is English but in some international businesses it can be multi-language.

If you are overhauling an existing website then bare in mind it could be easier to completely rewrite the entire content of the site with the keywords and phrases in mind. Optimising all of your content is extremely important, but undertaking the research advised above can help you prioritise your pages.

It could be that you whole site requires restructuring, or if this is a new site then consider these principals:

  1. How easy to navigate is your structure? Is it logical and intuitive?
  2. Have you incorporated optimised URL sub-structures into the overall structure of your site?
  3. Are your keywords and phrases aligned with user logic?
  4. Can you upscale your website, either products or services, or region, country if required?
  5. Are your keywords used in page titles to influence your on-page keyword density?
  6. Ensure your keywords are consistently used, not variations of them

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