Free advice for your Windows XP Computers for Small Businesses


As of the 8th of April 2014 Microsoft has stopped providing security and product updates to Microsoft XP & Office 2013.

This for many businesses is a difficult decision to what is best to do especially with Windows 8 been a completely new layout and usability to the traditional desktop & start menu of Microsoft XP.

Do not panic!

Follow the tips below to ensure that you can continue using Microsoft XP in the short term only.

From a security viewpoint I would recommend updating to either Windows 7 or Windows 8 depending on your requirements sooner rather than later as more security risks start to appear.

How to keep safe in the short term:

1. Install Microsoft Security Essentials

2. Stop using Internet Explorer and use Chrome or Firefox

3. Ensure you have an Anti Virus software.  Paid Security is better than the Free products.

4. Ensure that the main user is set to using a Limited Account

5. Avoid opening zip files in Emails or obvious untrustworthy websites

6. Ensure you have a off site or online backup .. Mozit can provide a secure online data backup service

Mozit can offer free advice on which systems to purchase, migrate documents & data, install and migrate applications like Sage, Quickbooks etc.

Contact Colin on either: 01709 242042 or 0114 2995288 to discuss your concerns today I will be more than happy to discuss the options with you over the phone.

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